We Defend and Protect our Free Land

NewZeal upholds the freedom to have an opinion, express a view and to hold a belief. We dream that our children will not be judged by the colour of their conviction, but be known by the content of their heart.

  • NewZeal firmly believes that freedom of speech is a fundamental right that we must protect for all New Zealanders. We support the current laws that create safeguards that respect the rights and reputation of others whilst upholding national security and public order. NewZeal envision a thriving civil society that upholds and defends robust debate, diverse ideas and the freedom of speech as a cornerstone of democracy. 

  • NewZeal will oppose proposed significant content regulations and limitations for media and online platforms. We will ensure that our media platforms and press can be independent and reliable, free from censorship and unnecessary restrictions.

  • We are committed to protecting the inherent rights of all New Zealanders. This includes the freedom of religion, the freedom to gather, and the freedom to own property.

  • NewZeal advocates for individual freedom and unity within society. We prioritise freedom of choice and conscience, as essential to the health and well-being of our society. Consequently, we propose eliminating all remaining Covid-19 mandates and any public health response legislation that impinges on our individual freedoms.

NewZeal is committed to upholding the fundamental rights that underpin a free and democratic society.

Together lets safeguard freedom of speech and protect the basic human rights of all New Zealanders.

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