Hayley Colling


Hayley Colling

Hayley Colling is a positive and outgoing individual who is self-motivated and delivers excellent community service. With extensive experience in community support, she is a well-rounded candidate for NewZeal's political party.

Hayley has demonstrated strong leadership skills throughout her vocation. She effectively directed teams, meeting targets and ensuring performance. Her attention to detail and organizational skills were evident in her successful coordination of conferences and events.

As a former Centre Manager at a Community Centre, Hayley displayed her dedication to community support. She managed activities and groups within the center, actively supporting the wider South Auckland community. She also established meaningful partnerships to enhance community programs.

Hayley's extensive travel experiences have given her a global perspective, allowing her to better understand different cultures. Through her travels to destinations such as Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Uganda, India, and Dubai, she has fostered a broader view of the world and an appreciation for diversity.

Hayley is not only passionate about community support but also firmly believes in advocating for personal freedoms. She upholds the right to freedom of speech as a fundamental principle that must be protected for all New Zealanders. Additionally, she is committed to safeguarding the inherent rights of all citizens, including freedom of religion and the freedom to gather. Hayley will work tirelessly to ensure that these freedoms are preserved and cherished by all.

With her exceptional leadership skills, commitment to community support, global perspective, and advocacy for personal freedoms, Hayley Colling is a valuable candidate for NewZeal's political party. Her dedication and commitment to serving New Zealanders make her an excellent choice for working together for the good of the Country.